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VidGameDude's News

Posted by VidGameDude - May 25th, 2015

Picoday was cool again.

Posted by VidGameDude - May 4th, 2012

Been exactly a year if not 2-3 days over since the last pico day and already thundaboom again bugs me to make a front page post.

Well the whole thing was yet again never disappointing.
As i got there i could literally feel a warm welcome hauling the heavy bag of prizes for picoday raffle and toms birthday presents. Tom was the first to greet me along with mike, rob and tim.

Hung out, scoping the mad buffet table lined with chicken, chips, pizza, sweedish fish, nacho dip soda, and a fridge fit for a beer kegger. Not to mention the excellent grilling expertise of rob.

as time past, more and more showed and i was thrilled as oney approached with the faintest of whispers, i turned and embraced his cheery hug.
Meeting new folk like frozenfire, sabtastic, ross (well we already but not in person), whitelightning, spazkid, moonkey, james lee as well as his fiance hania and more. *if i forgot to mention someone im sorry, my mind can only retain so much without fizzing.

anyways, got to work the livestream chat table for a bit, and kind of got out of hand seeing how people were now convinced i was Ross(rubberninja)( sorry about that) so hopped off and headed to take a trip at a retro game store that. had. everything.

oney kept making me realize the joke of me being there, and i finally found my childhood game again. last copy of Gex for 10$ and was worth it. too bad i couldn't lob off another 50$ for an orignal disc set of ff7 but too much for my nostalgic blood.

we got back and partied pretty damn good, drawing shit on the wall of dicks turned out great. i once again left my mark and proceeded to mingle as tom bought us cigars. Had been years since i smoked on but you know what? life's short, so fuck it, had a great time, watched Jordan take a couple inhales (you don't do that with cigars :D) and went to town coughing up a storm.

i played pool with james and hania's fellow scientist companion, hania herself as well as frozenfire. The billiards crackled against one another like crystal during each break, sounding so new, freshly carved and painted, i love that feeling of a good start to that sport.

took photos for sab and the gang, she shared her art book as did i with mine.
talked to other artists about my newgrounds avatar project, and got A LOT of good feedback, hell many joined up on it!
Did a small improv with MasterArdvark and that guy is soo fucking cool, he is the embodiment of creative weirdness.
And reminded harry and luis i still owe them drinks from past meetups

at the end of the day, i said my farewells and goodbyes in hopes of another good year too all,
hands were shook,
friendships were made,
and trusts were forged,
Me, tystar, his gal pal, and 3 others walked off into the night by the train station onward.
smiles were let loose and waves of the arms signalling our departure were all to nearly make the day the best of this year.

however, we did miss our train, we had to wait nearly an hour for the next.
i sat and looked over the dark twilight ridden horizon onlooking the town of glenside with rigel, polaris, beatljuice, and orion overhead, streaming across the universe above while i contemplated about my future with the crew of newgrounds...

there he stood across the iron claude bar gates separating both railways.
Luis had come to see us off, and those who we could not bear to part ways as we ourselves could not.

the train suddenly sounding its siren alerting the final stop, and he grinned
Luis: "It was good to see you again this year"

Vid: "Thank you luis, couldn't have done it without you"

Posted by VidGameDude - May 1st, 2011

Well it was bound to happen.
Thanks to Thundaboom's constant rant for me to do this shit (like it even matters)
Also i might as well talk about something positive so the Tank Awards was fuckin awesome, met a whole lot of kewl people and worked on the Livechat computer for a while.

5 bucks says only 3 people are probably going to even visit this shit.
ill post pictures of the awards ceremony whenever.